An Election Time-Out

As yet another newsbomb hijacks your peace of mind. How do I come back to myself? As this storm of fear, anger, rage, and blind hatred builds toward November 3, how can I, how can we, keep coming back?

One way is to literally switch the topic by immersing in feel-good thoughts and activity – a dumb movie, cooking, tinkering. Psychological escape can lead to denial and disconnecting with reality, but skillfully used, it can also give you a healthy neurological break by resetting your nervous system.

So for me right now, that meant sitting back and daydreaming: Considering re-watching “Superstar” and thinking about the dumb birthday card I’m giving my sister today.

Much better.

It’s part of resilience, the ability to hold steady in the midst of stress and confusion, instead of collapsing, losing control, or worse, losing yourself.

Right now, I want to help you stay strong in this storm by sharing one of my favorite authors, Linda Graham. you the gift of her Cultivating Equanimity. I guarantee this three-minute recording will help you re-set from the latest pre-election electrical storm. Here’s some more: Keep calm and carry on.

Love, Jenn

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