Thrive in Your World

Thriving expresses the idea that an organism is developing in a fully resourced way. The word imparts a glowing, radiant energy, a reaching in all directions – upward, outward, and down into the earth. It’s an equilibrium that we beings seek to maintain. All of us have an innate programming to grow toward the light.

In this blog, I invite you to join me in exploring how we human beings thrive. The ways we move in to and out of its equilibrium. How we cultivate and nurture it. Our aptitude to learn and develop throughout life. The many intelligences we bring with us.

Fall Festivals

A moment of dread tugs on me. I don’t know where it’s coming from. Finally, consciousness dawns. Ah yes, here it is! I’m cold. That’s it. Chilly. Nothing to worry about. Everything’s ok. But it stays. Still tugging. Ok, Got it. 50 degrees out, and the house is cold. I’m uncomfortable. Are we done yet?Continue reading “Fall Festivals”

An Election Time-Out

As yet another newsbomb hijacks your peace of mind. How do I come back to myself? As this storm of fear, anger, rage, and blind hatred builds toward November 3, how can I, how can we, keep coming back? One way is to literally switch the topic by immersing in feel-good thoughts and activity –Continue reading “An Election Time-Out”

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