Nicholas A. Tonelli

Coaching for Your Next Steps

For each of us, a unique path lies ahead, and our work is to take it up. In finding our way, we inevitably encounter challenges. A confusing transition. A situation requiring new skills or fresh perspectives. An imperative to reconnect with meaning. Getting stuck, and not seeing a way forward.

I am dedicated to helping individuals travel this path. At its core, the work I do is about helping people unlock their potential and bring their whole selves to their personal and professional lives. In a word, I help people thrive.

Your Journey

Your coaching focus will be customized to the topic(s) you feel would create the biggest shift. Topics can be related to leadership development, career advancement, life transitions, personal development goals – or quite often, a combination of these.

We will meet virtually, in-person, or by phone, usually every two weeks, communicating as necessary between sessions. A typical coaching engagement is 10-12 sessions, and emerges from a coaching plan we create together.

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During a coaching engagement, you’ll discover openings, options, and new possibilities for yourself. Here are some of the shifts my clients have experienced. You may find that you experience these positive changes in a way that is unique to you:
• Embracing assertiveness
• Deeper connections with others
• Shifting from shame to openness
• Improved confidence
• Increased spontaneity
• Transforming counterproductive thinking patterns
• Uncovering hidden assumptions
• Increased emotional agility
• Ease with emotional boundaries